WeChat Platform

Why does your business need WeChat?

The amount of active users on the app.

WeChat has over 700 million active users around the world and the app is placed amongst the top social apps available in the market. The app is so popular that users are no longer exchanging phone numbers and instead, going right to the mobile platform to keep in touch.

Companies must build their online presence in order to stay competitive.

In today’s society, technology is evolving at an exponential rate. Companies that fail to build its online presence and follow the trend will be inferior to others. Individuals are more tech-savvy than ever before and your company must take the necessary steps to meet their demand.

WeChat provides a great opportunity to market your business.

WeChat is a much more social tool than Weibo. Weibo operates much like Twitter in that feeds are created to allow users to receive information as it is pushed out by chosen channels. WeChat is primarily a text and audio service between private users or small privately invited groups of up to 100 people. Users can extend their reach by posting ‘moments’ which are a stream of images, text and links that are available only to their exclusive contacts network.

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