Learn More about XBMC

Functions of XBMC

  • XBMC can play most popular audio and video programs and supports most audio and visual platforms. It also uses network playback, so you can stream multimedia from anywhere at anytime in the house.

  • XBMC can play CDs and DVDs directly from the disk or image file. Most conventional file types can be played. XBMC also will scan all the media and create a personalized library with descriptions, and fan art and more.

  • Commonly used features include slideshows, weather forecasts, and audio visualizations. Once installed, your TV will become a fully functional multimedia box.


  • XBMC can play movies ! Supporting most of video formats including online media, XBMC can import, browse and play your Movie collection with a click.

TV Shows

  • The TV Shows library supports season views with posters or banners, watched tags, show descriptions and actors.


  • XBMC can play all your music including mp3, flac, wav and wma formats. It has tag reading support and smart playlists for flexible control of your music collection.


  • Import pictures into a library. You can easily navigate through the library to browse, start a slideshow, sort or filter them all using your remote control.

PVR and Live TV

  • XBMC allows you to watch and record live TV all from the graphical user interface (GUI). It works with a number of popular backends including MediaPortal, MythTV, NextPVR, Tvheadend and many more.


  • XBMC allows the user to create add-ons that are available though our repositories. There are add-Ons for popular web services, applications and scripts. See which ones are currently available: add-ons

Web Interfaces

  • XBMC uses JSON-RPC based remote interface. This protocol integrates the remote control, the web interface, and third party programs to allow maximum efficiency and ease of use.

Remote Controls

  • XBMC support hundreds of remote controls, CEC-compatible TVs, and smartphone and tablet apps. XBMC allows you to control your media in your own way.

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