Instruction for new activation, sign up, and paying monthly bills

New activation and sign up

Step 1: Select cable plan that you want. Click Here
Step 2: Choose the 3 best dates for installation*
Step 3: Choose the modem with shipping or check the compatible model list if you would like to use your own modem
Step 4: Add to the cart and check out here.
Step 5: Pay with credit card
Step 6: You internet will be activated!

Recurring bill

Step 1: Choose the right speed and plan. Click Here
It will automatically charge the credit card. You will be charged based on the unlimited plan. If you use less than 100 GB, you will be partially refunded. For example, if you used only 97 GB, you will be charged for the 100 GB plan.
Step 2: Check usage here.
*Internet activation will take on average between 7 and 10 days. We will send you a confirmation email with your scheduled activation time.


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