What is DSL?

  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a technology using copper telephones lines to transmit digital data.

What is FTTN?

  • Fibre to the Node/Neighbourhood is identical to DSL except optical fibres are used for some sections of the connection, with copper wires accounting for the rest. Optical fibre technology is among the latest, fastest, and most reliable telecommunications technologies available.

Is VS IDEAS High Speed Internet service in my area?

  • We are currently providing services in most of Ontario and Quebec.

  • Go to vsideas.com/contact or email us at [email protected] to find out if your location is serviceable.

What is the difference between DSL and Cable Internet services?

  • Cable service uses digital or analogue signals transmitted through coaxial cables that are typically used for television.

  • DSL technology uses phone line technology to transmit digital signals to the DSL modem.

Is there any onsite installation?

  • A third party technician from Bell/Rogers/Cogeco will provide onsite installation for a new activation. No onsite installation is necessary for a transfer service.

Can multiple devices be connected to a DSL connection?

  • Yes, but if you want to connect multiple devices to a DSL Internet connection, you will need a router. Currently we do not offer routers.

What is the difference between regular and dry loop DSL?

  • Regular DSL service uses the customer’s existing Bell landline phone service to deliver Internet service.

  • Dry Loop DSL service is for customers without any existing Bell phone service. Customers must pay an additional monthly fee on top of the regular DSL service, depending on where they live.

Modem and Router Quick Setup Guide

  • You could get support from the products manufacturer:

How do I set up my DSL/FTTN Internet?

How do I report a DSL/FTTN problem?

  1. What is the Full Address:

  2. What is the Activation Date

  3. How many Jacks:

  4. Has it worked before:

  5. Dial tone at Jack:

  6. Phone plugged into correct jack in wall and on modem:

  7. Tried other phone cable:

  8. Tried another phone jack (Regular DSL Only):

  9. Modem filtered or splittered:

  10. All phones filtered (Regular DSL Only):

  11. Unplug all devices except modem (Regular DSL Only):

  12. Devices near modem causing interference:

  13. Any changes (electrical storm,CARRIER work in area,renovations):

  14. Customer Contact Number:

  15. Customer Availability:(AM/PM/EVE/AD)

What is considered high speed internet?

  • High speed Internet definition is above 6 Mbps download / 1 Mbps upload.

How long will it take to install the Internet service?

  • The time may vary but it should be between one to two weeks depending on the type of service.

What equipment do I need for this Internet service?

  • Cable/FTTN Internet uses certified cable modem. If you wish to have more than one device connected to Internet service, you would need a router.

  • Cable/FTTN modem has only one LAN port without Wi-Fi function.

Could I get the DSL/FTTN internet service without having a Bell landline phone?

  • Yes, we can offer you a dry loop. Dry Loop’s definition is using Bell’s phone lines to transmit digital data. Active Bell service is not necessary.

  • Alternatively, consider choosing cable Internet, which uses TV cables and disregards phone lines entirely.

How long will it take to be connected if we move?

  • Connection at a new address will takes around 10-15 days which requires a new installation. In order to avoid any service interruption, you must notify us at least 3 weeks in advance of the move.

Will I receive the exact same speed that I pay for?

  • The download and upload speed may vary due to different factors outside of our control and common to any Internet provider. Examples include but are not limited to environmental conditions, distance from the website’s server, Internet wire type in the building, and Wi-Fi configuration.

How can I check my Internet speed

  • You can check your speed on speedtest.net. Measurements may vary due to distance from the server.

  • Please feel free to contact our technical support team if the result is significant lower than the normal speed. We will troubleshoot the problems for you.

A technician just finished the installation and I still don’t have Internet access?

  • It might take up to 3 hours for synchronization to complete.

  • If you don’t have internet access for more than 6 hours after installation, please contact our technical support team at [email protected] We will troubleshoot the problems for you.

Can I use my own modem?

  • No. In order to guarantee the quality of services, we have modems that are certified. We have different modem plans that you could choose from: modem, modem plus router, or modem plus wireless router. Please call our Customer service if you require more information.

What can I do when my Internet doesn’t work?

  • You can reboot (unplug for 10 seconds) your modem, router and computer to get the eventual update from the server. If you still don’t have signal, please contact our customer services; we will trouble shoot for you.

Will VS IDEAS send a technician if a technical problem occurs?

  • Yes, if any problem can’t be solved by phone, we will send a technician to trouble shoot the problems.

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