Affiliate Program – Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Only individuals 18 years of age or older may participate in this service. You must use your own website and identity in the sign-up process and may not assume a false or another person’s or entity’s identity or place advertiser paid links on a website without authorization. Any Affiliate found to be placing Advertiser paid links on an unauthorized website will be automatically shut down and all earnings shall be immediately forfeited.
You understand and agree that you will not earn a commission on the purchase of your own personal accounts.
By joining the VS IDEAS Affiliate program, you agree to the following:
  • You will NOT earn a commission on the purchase of your own personal hosting accounts.
  • Affiliates cannot use our URL as the display URL of any advertisements.
  • Any sales generated in conjunction with special discounts or coupons are not commissionable.
Those affiliates who violate the above are subject to a reversal of commissions and termination of affiliate program membership.
Sales that are completed via the online order process and are generated through the Affiliate link entitle the Affiliate to earn a cash commission based on the following structure: If less than thirty (30) Qualified Purchases are generated within a Commission Period: a one-time commission of Fifty Canadian Dollars ($50.00) for each of the Qualifying Purchases; OR if thirty (30) or more Qualified Purchases are generated within a Commission Period: a one-time commission of One Hundred Canadian Dollars ($100.00) for each Qualifying Purchase. We will process payment depending on the setting you chose during sign up. It is your responsibility to provide a valid PayPal email address or physical mailing address for whichever payment method you have chosen.
When the total commissions due to You are at least one hundred dollars ($100), we will send a commission check for the applicable commission (less any taxes required to be withheld under applicable law) and a statement of activity to You. Such commission checks and statements of activity will be sent approximately forty to fifty days after a valid sale is properly completed, according to the then posted Affiliate Payment Schedule. Commission payments shall be paid by check and mailed to You at the address posted in Your profile. VS IDEAS will not reimburse nor compensate You for any commission or other consideration other than for an approved valid sale, made solely by You, and in which Your sale was in approved status for a period of at least thirty (30) days. VS IDEAS, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to modify the terms of this commission payment method or schedule.

Affiliate Payout Schedule

Commission Period
Approximate Payout Date
Dec 21st-Jan 20th
MAR 30th
Jan 21st-Feb 20th
APR 30th
Feb 21st-Mar 20th
MAY 30th
Mar 21st-Apr 20th
JUNE 30th
Apr 21st-May 20th
JULY 30th
May 21st-Jun 20th
AUG 30th
Jun 21st-Jul 20th
SEPT 30th
Jul 21st-Aug 20th
OCT 30th
Aug 21st-Sept 20th
NOV 30th
Sept 21st-Oct 20th
DEC 30th
Oct 21st-Nov 20th
JAN 30th
Nov 21st-Dec 20th
FEB 30th
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